This one-day workshop on ICTs, climate change and development with a mixture of thematic presentations, group discussions and panel debate was held on Monday Dec 13th 2010 at Royal Holloway, University of London.

A five-page summary report from the workshop can be found here. Links to presentations, photos and video can be found below.

Time Activity Speaker(s) Online Resources
10.00 Welcome and introductions Laurent Elder (IDRC) Photo (1.4 MB)
10.10 Introducing ICTs, Climate Change and Development Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina, Centre for Development Informatics, University of Manchester, UK PowerPoint Presentation(225 kB)
10.20 Understanding ICTs, Climate Change and Development Angelica Ospina & Richard Heeks, Centre for Development Informatics, University of Manchester, UK PowerPoint Presentation(358 kB)
10.40 Informational Governance of Climate Change Institutions 

in Developing Countries

Laurence L. Delina, UNESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand PowerPoint Presentation(266 kB)
11.10 Climate Change as a Strategic Priority for ICT4D Organisations Alan Finlay, Open Research, South Africa PowerPoint Presentation(209 kB); Workshop Photo(1.6 MB)
11.40 Break
12.10 ICts and Climate Change Mitigation In The Context Of Emerging Economies Helen Roeth & Leena Wokeck, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathum Thani, Thailand PowerPoint Presentation(5.3 MB)
12.40 Turning ICCD Findings into Action – Dissemination and Engagement Mechanisms and Channels Group Discussion Photo (1.7 MB)
13.10 Report back
13.30 Lunch Online video of afternoon presentations:
14.30 ICT-Enabled Learning Networks for Climate Change Adaptation Laxmi Prasad Pant, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development, University of Waterloo, Canada PowerPoint Presentation(1.45 MB)
15.00 Disaster Management, Communities & Climate Change: Role of ICTs Nonita T. Yap, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development,

University of Guelph, Canada

PowerPoint Presentation(280 kB)
15.30 New and Emerging ICTs For Climate Change and Development Stergios Karanasios, Leeds Business School, University of Leeds, UK PowerPoint Presentation(540 kB)
16.00 Break
16.30 Future Priorities for ICCD Research and Practice Panel Debate:

– Martin Adolph (International Telecommunication Union)

– Patrick Kalas (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)

– Richard Labelle (The Aylmer Group)

Photo (1.4 MB)
17.00 Future Priorities for ICCD Research and Practice Group Discussion
17.30 Report back
17.50 Next steps


More photographs from the event are available at:


The workshop was supported through the funding of Canada’s International Development Research Centre.